Please #help find a home for these 2 senior #cats in #Fairfield #IA. Their owner passed away last week.


I have a favor to ask of you. I need your help finding a home for these two senior Himalayan cats. They belonged to the mother of a dear friend of mine and last week, she suddenly passed away.

They live in Fairfield, Iowa and are 15 and 16 years old. They must be adopted together. A quiet home would be ideal for them. No small children at all and they MUST be kept as indoor cats.

They might be ok with another mellow cat or mellow dog but preferably a home that’s slower paced.

Can you please share this with your networks? My friend can’t take them because she has very young cats of her own and the four of them wouldn’t mesh. It’s a terribly sad situation and a difficult one at that.

Please share this flyer with others who you think would enjoy the company of two older feline boys.

Many thanks,



3 thoughts on “Please #help find a home for these 2 senior #cats in #Fairfield #IA. Their owner passed away last week.

  1. Poor Kitties. They are so beautiful. I’m sorry for the passing of their owner. I have introduced two young cats to my two elder cats and all went well. They lived their lives together for a long time in harmony. It can work. Usually the elders stay quiet and sleep, more mellow and the two young ones occupy themselves by playing together and don’t pay too much attention to the others. I wish them good luck. I will share.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      My friend has given it a lot of thought and I believe she’s more concerned about the two senior cats than she is about her two young cats. She loves her mom’s cats so much and just feels that they wouldn’t be happy trying to adjust to a home with her two little ones. She’s agonizing over it- believe me!

      Thank you for stopping by and also for sharing the flyer!!

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