Awesome! Junior #Volunteer sews decorative #collars for #dogs in the #FrenchBulldog #Rescue Network. #FBRN

I love hearing about young volunteers! So when I read about this young girl, I just had to share with my followers.

Mikala is a junior volunteer with the French Bulldog Rescue Network. She welcomes each new Frenchie into rescue with handmade, decorative collars. They are adorable! She’s a beautiful girl doing a beautiful thing for dogs without permanent homes. GREAT JOB, MIKALA! You’re a role model! Keep up the fantastic work! Here’s what the FBRN had to say on their website about her:

As we know, when you look good, you feel good, and since earlier this summer, thanks to a generous and creative Junior Volunteer, each of our new fosters gets a little boost shortly after they arrive.

Ten-year-old Mikala takes the time to sew a pretty floral collar attachment for each girl Frenchie, and makes each boy a Dapper Dan by sending along a bow tie. She chooses the fabric, gems, feathers and notions for each collar. She learned to sew while making the collars for our fosters.

Mikala thought of making these fashion collars while visiting her aunt, who also volunteers for FBRN.

Mikala has a keen interest in fashion, and she designs all the collar accessories herself. She gets a little help with the packaging and mailing, but she makes sure each package contains a note from her welcoming each new Frenchie to FBRN.

You can see photos of Lemon in his bow tie, and Dorothy and Tootsie Lou showing off their beautiful flowers.

If you have a child who might be interested in becoming a Junior Volunteer, please get in touch with our Junior Volunteer coordinator.

We all think Mikala is very talented, and we are so happy she spends some of her time making foster Frenchies look good! It’s great to see the next generation of volunteers get involved and learn how much fun it can be to help others. Many of our foster and available dogs have photos of the fosters wearing Mikala’s handiwork, and you can see the collars on their pages.

Thank you, Mikala! And thank you to all our donors, friends, and sponsors for doing what you can to help our Frenchies.

via French Bulldog Rescue Network.


#Trigger the #Pitbull has been in a #shelter in #NY for 3 years! #Gentle boy. #Help find him a home!

Oh man, this poor guy has been sitting in a shelter in Long Island, NY for three years. THREE YEARS! This can’t be! Apparently he’s a gentle guy but needs to be in a home without any other dogs. Someone out there needs this boy! Let’s do some matchmaking!

From the Facebook page of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue: 

TRIGGER – We are so heartbroken for this boy who has been in a Shelter in Long Island NY for THREE YEARS! We are sharing him for Ashley at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter hoping that someone in NY can give him a home for the Holidays. Here is his post, please reach out to Ashley if you can help!

Trigger has waited at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter for 3 Years! He is a 4 year old pit mix that unfortunately has been looked over time and time again. Trigger waits patiently everyday as people pass by his kennel in search of a new dog. There are over 200 dogs at the shelter he is in and sometimes certain dogs just don’t look appealing to everyone. Trigger is one of these dogs.

September 11 marked his 3 year anniversary sitting in the shelter.

Trigger is a gentle soul who wants nothing more than a home of his own. Trigger knows commands and is very responsive to training, he is extremely gentle with taking treats and loves to play. He loves to play ball and also loves attention that people give him! Trigger does however need to be the only pet. He has been at the shelter so long that he no longer interacts well with other animals. Please consider giving Trigger a home for the holidays this year. If interested please contact Ashley at

#Lost #CairnTerrier in #Burlington #IA! Ran from dog attack at #Crapo Park! PLZ #help! REWARD #dog #missing

$100 Reward for information leading to the return of Zuzu. She is a spayed black brindle Cairn terrier who ran from Crapo Park after being attacked by another dog on Tues a.m., Nov 13.

No collar/tags but is micro-chipped. She’s a rescue dog & very timid w/ likely injury to her rump from attack. May respond to being called but will not come to you willingly due to her nature. May be migrating, looking for home at 111 Concord Dr., near Cascade Bridge but could be anywhere by now.

Will not be begging at your door, but likely lurking around a corner or under a bush waiting for a chance to “mooch” food or water. I assure you she is gentle.

Please call Pam Dettmann: 319-750-5034

#Missing #Dachshund in south #FL. #REWARD. Complicated story- likely adopted to new family. READ to learn more! #lost #dog

This is a very sad story. You can read the entire story on the Facebook page set up to help find Daisy. There is a $1000 reward for her safe return.

Daisy was being watched by a caretaker while her owner was away in March 2011. The caretaker had her in his vehicle while he was driving a route for his job, making many stops with her. That’s when she went missing. It’s not clear exactly where she went missing (which doesn’t help with the search at all). It’s very likely that she was found and rescued and then re-adopted to a new home. So whomever has her, has no idea that she already had a loving home and that her owner is searching frantically for her.

There’s a list of the stops made by the caregiver on her Facebook page.

Please, please help find Daisy so that she can see her owner again. Do you recognize her in this photo? Please share with your networks far and wide and with Dachshund rescue groups too. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

#Missing #American #PitBull #Terrier from #Wilmington #DE! #Reward! PLZ RT and #help #find #Katie!

Katie has been missing since October 11, 2012 and was last seen near the Silverside Road/Shipley Road area of Wilmington, Delaware. There is a $1,000 reward for her safe return. Please share!

Thanks to Lost Paws Finder for this information!

Female #EnglishBulldog #missing in #Wichita #KS! #Help find #Charlie! PLZ RT!

This 1 year old English Bulldog is missing from the Northwest area of Wichita, KS. Please share this flyer and help bring Charlie home! Thanks to the Wichita Area Lost and Found Pets Facebook page for sharing this information!

Griffin the #EnglishBulldog sends a beautiful message to #Veterans today.

One of my friends on Facebook is Griffin, a four year old English Bulldog in Maine with Swimmers Syndrome. He is one hell-of-a happy guy, cruising around life with a kick-ass wheelchair! He’s one of the happiest dudes around and he’s such an inspiration to me.

He posted the below message today in honor of our Veteran’s- those who sacrifice it all so that we can be free. Veteran’s are true Hero’s. And Griffin, you too are a hero!

“The hero… sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by.”

~Felix Adler


Learn more about Griffin and Swimmer’s Syndrome here and check him out on Facebook– he will lift your spirits and make you smile each and every day!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all men, women and dogs! Thank you for your service! -Juli