Small breed #dog needs #foster or #home. Owner died of #cancer. PLZ RT! #AngelsAmongUs

This was posted on Facebook by the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue (located in Georgia):

URGENT need for approved aau foster. It’s getting cold and anything can happen to a teeny dog on a chain.

Original post: I’m Coko. My momma died of pancreatic cancer. She was 84 years old. I used to sleep in her bed at night, but this chain has always been a part of my life. I am around 5 years old and neutered! (Miracle!) Now the chain IS my life. I’m constantly lonely now. Sure, I get fed and water, but it’s not the same. My master is gone and I’m not her pet anymore. I’m just a little doggie on a chain. I hate being constantly dirty. I just curl up in a ball when it rains. The water pounds on my skin. There’s gotta be something better way over yonder beyond what I can see from this spot in the yard. Please help me break away from this life. I need donations and a foster home committed to me so the angels team can find me a new forever family. Please share and donate for my care if you can. Thank you!

Apply to foster or adopt at

via Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.


6 thoughts on “Small breed #dog needs #foster or #home. Owner died of #cancer. PLZ RT! #AngelsAmongUs

  1. And also this little dog, Coko, doesn’t seem to even be at the Rescue. Can someone let us know? Ease our minds because poor Coko can’t stay out like this. Obviously someone took the picture or the picture was given to the Rescue. Please let us know. All I can do from Canada is donate for Coko. Please save Coko and all abandoned animals. Thank you.

    • I just read through over 100 comments about Coko. There was one comment that Coko was taken from the chain today and is headed to a foster. The comments were out of control- many not taking the time to read through the comments before asking a question that was already asked and answered before. But it appears that Coko is no longer out in the cold. WHEW.

      • Thank you. I have not seen all those 100 comments. You are kind to verify and ease my mind. I’m glad Coko is being cared for.

  2. I don’t understand this? He is left chained up? Whoever took the picture can’t take him in or to a no-kill shelter? The Angels Rescue does not have him? I’m confused. No animal should be left like this.

    • I was thinking the same thing, “is the dog still on a chain?”

      Either way, the dog needs help. But I hope to goodness that it’s not somewhere on a chain! I wasn’t even certain where the dog was located but came to the conclusion that it’s somewhere in Georgia since that’s where the rescue is located (and I could still be wrong). But on their website, the dogs up for adoption were all from Georgia too. The post itself isn’t clear but I felt the need to share it and get the dog some help.

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