#Trigger the #Pitbull has been in a #shelter in #NY for 3 years! #Gentle boy. #Help find him a home!

Oh man, this poor guy has been sitting in a shelter in Long Island, NY for three years. THREE YEARS! This can’t be! Apparently he’s a gentle guy but needs to be in a home without any other dogs. Someone out there needs this boy! Let’s do some matchmaking!

From the Facebook page of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue: 

TRIGGER – We are so heartbroken for this boy who has been in a Shelter in Long Island NY for THREE YEARS! We are sharing him for Ashley at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter hoping that someone in NY can give him a home for the Holidays. Here is his post, please reach out to Ashley if you can help!

Trigger has waited at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter for 3 Years! He is a 4 year old pit mix that unfortunately has been looked over time and time again. Trigger waits patiently everyday as people pass by his kennel in search of a new dog. There are over 200 dogs at the shelter he is in and sometimes certain dogs just don’t look appealing to everyone. Trigger is one of these dogs.

September 11 marked his 3 year anniversary sitting in the shelter.

Trigger is a gentle soul who wants nothing more than a home of his own. Trigger knows commands and is very responsive to training, he is extremely gentle with taking treats and loves to play. He loves to play ball and also loves attention that people give him! Trigger does however need to be the only pet. He has been at the shelter so long that he no longer interacts well with other animals. Please consider giving Trigger a home for the holidays this year. If interested please contact Ashley at pitlover1218@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “#Trigger the #Pitbull has been in a #shelter in #NY for 3 years! #Gentle boy. #Help find him a home!

  1. I don’t understand why this shelter has not sent Trigger to other shelters (no-kill of course) to give him a chance to find his forever home. Unless they did, I don’t know but he needs to be shared. I hope that someone from anywhere sees this beautiful boy, know he’s been in a shelter for three years and have compassion to adopt him. I hope this person is out there. I have only heard once of a dog in a shelter for over two years in my area. He finally got adopted. I will share Trigger. He should be in the news. He needs more exposure. Thank goodness for Kissbeep.

    Good luck handsome Trigger. My heart breaks for you. Hang in there. There has to be a home for you somewhere other than a shelter.

    • Celine-

      I know- poor guy! I wish I had more time to follow up on these stories that I post about. I wonder if Trigger has been adopted. I can’t imagine that he is STILL in a shelter! And you’re right- you’d think he’d be shared with other shelters or something. There must be something that we just don’t know, I guess.

  2. That is so sad, no animal should have to live in a shelter for so long. He is a lovely looking boy and I’m sure he will reward some lucky human with unconditional love and loyalty. Good luck Trigger!

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