Senior #Beagle in #FtWayne #IN needs #help! Is there a kind soul out there willing to help? PLZ RT! #dog

From the Facebook page of Be Their Voice (Stop Animal Cruelty): 

FT WAYNE INDIANA – This poor boy was rescued from an absolutely deplorable living condition by a good samaritan. He is a senior beagle, and has lived his WHOLE life in a small crate, in his own feces and urine. The owner RARELY let him out. He was lucky to be fed on a regular basis. The woman who took him cannot keep him. He is 12, very thin and has seizures that the family left untreated. Ft.Wayne, IN.



#JackRussell #Terrier #missing after fatal accident near #WebsterCity #IA. Plz RT! #help #lost #JRT

This story is awful. Hopefully you will feel the need to share this with as many people as possible to help get the word out about Jackie and bring her back to her surviving family members. -Juli

Iowa Family searches for dog lost in snowy I-35 pile up. 

PETS | December 27, 2012 | by: Marilyn Hughes

Jackie, a Jack Russell terrier mix, has been missing since her family was involved in a 30 car pile up during a snowstorm on December 20th. The accident on I-35 near Webster City, Iowa claimed the lives of one of her owners and two others.

Jackie’s owner 27-year-old Colby Duckett Bostick, pregnant with twins, was fatally injured after the family’s car was pushed beneath an 18-wheeler. Her husband Cody Bostick and their one-year-old son, Easton were also in the car. Cody and Easton were not injured.

The family dog, a brown and white Jack Russell Terrier mix, was lost in the accident- apparently having jumped out of the car.

And while the family grieves for Colby and the unborn babies, they want to find their dog. Cody holds a glimmer of hope that Jackie will be found and returned to them.

He worries about the little dog being out in the cold. It is not known if the dog suffered injuries in the accident.

Jackie might still be wandering near the highway or may have made it to a house. She also may have been picked up by travelers and taken in by hem or taken to a shelter in another area.

Jackie was lost after fatal wreck on I-35 near Webster City, Iowa Dec 20th

Photo credit:  Bostick family

Almost Home, the Humane Society of North Central Iowa is getting the word out, hoping to aid the family in finding their missing pet.

If you have any information on a “found” dog that may be Jackie, please contact

Almost Home at (515) 955-8343

via Iowa family searches for dog lost in snowy I-35 pile up – Kansas City Pet Rescue |

Thank you to Bring Mabel Home for posting this story!

#Davenport #IA #lost #dog following car accident! White #Schnauzer. #Reward. I80 East.

I found this post on Craigslist:

Lost dog during car accident – Dec 19 night . The police officer cannot find him on the high way.

Please help us!! Reward!!!

His name is Lucas. He is a black and white Schnauzer. 25 pounds. with a blue banner. He has a micro chip. the number is 0A110A0A6B. ID: A397606

Please help us find him!!! Take a look at someplace near you may be he is hidding in some corner.

Although it`s snowing outside and we are really believe he is still alive!!!

Reward: $300. Or any thing we can do!!!

Please call directly : 917 514 6302 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Lost dog during car accident . Please help us!! Reward!!!.

#FrenchBulldog #missing in #SanAntonio #TX. Needs meds 2x/daily! PLZ RT! #lost #dog

From Short Mugs Re

scue Squad:

This sweet girl is missing from the Fort Sam Houston area of San Antonio, Texas. She’s a French Bulldog and needs medication twice daily! She went missing during a storm and was not wearing her collar. Last seen over by the parade field near Harry Wurzbach gate.

Please share!



Jingle bells, wagging tails, treats and naps all day! #merrychristmas

My dogs are very fortunate to be in a loving home, have food, water and more toys than they know what to do with. They get walks, play-dates and lots of car rides. But I’m really the lucky one. They have given me more than I can ever express. Their love is like no other.

There are many dogs out there living in shelters who long for a home to call their own. The joy they bring is indescribable. Consider opening your heart and home to a dog. You’ll never be the same person again. You’ll be better. You’ll be a much better person.

Happy HOWLidays from me and my two elves, Evergreen Pickle-Pants (Xander) and Kringle Angel-Pants (Izzy).

Xander. Elf name: Evergreen Pickle-pants. Responsibility at Santa's workshop: treat quality control.

This Elf is responsible for the quality control of all treats at Santa’s workshop. His name is Evergreen Pickle-Pants. 

This Elf is responsible for the bounce quality in all balls at Santa's workshop. Her name is Kringle Angel-Pants.

This Elf is responsible for the bounce quality in all balls at Santa’s workshop. Her name is Kringle Angel-Pants.



UPDATE! Kiska has been found safe! Original podt: #IowaCity- #lost black #Lab! 7 months old. Last seen: #SugarBottom Rd area. PLZ #HELP!

December 25, 2012: Kiska has been found and is home safe! I don’t know any of the details on where she was or how she was found. But as it turns out, it’s a Merry Christmas after all for Kiska and her family!

Original post:


Iowa City, IA

7 months old, microchiped

Answers to KISKA

Last Seen 12/24 on Sugar Bottom Road

If Found Call 319-624-3452; 319-331-9303, or 319-331-5813

via Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center.

Saying goodbye to man’s best friend, by K9 Photography. RIP Max.

I’ve had to do it many times before and I’m sure many of you have as well. It’s awful. It’s gut wrenching. It’s so incredibly painful that it’s indescribable. Letting go of your dog (or other pet) as they breathe their last breath of life and cross over the rainbow bridge is inevitable.

I read this post on the Facebook page of K9 Photography in Gold Coats, Queensland. The Owner had to say her final goodbye to her beloved dog, Max, after 18 years. It’s beautiful, sad, but beautiful. RIP Max.

Everyone told me I would know. Those who had lost their beloved dogs told me that you would give me a sign. You would look at me and I would know.

You sat with me in my office all day and nothing was different. I felt you near me and listened to you breathing and we were together just like any other day. I didn’t know.

We walked a little on the deck and sat down outside whilst I shared my lunch with you. It was just like any other day. I didn’t suspect a thing.

I didn’t know that tomorrow I would never hold you again. I would never hear your soft breathing or feel you next to me under my feet. I didn’t know that tomorrow would hurt more than anything in this world and you wouldn’t be here to wipe away the tears with your sweet kisses on my face like you always did when I was sad.

But what I knew was this. I knew that for the past 18 years I couldn’t have loved you any more than I did. I knew that you loved me too. I knew Max that your strong heart beat just for me – the vets were all amazed at your strong will to live and love of life. 5 years was a long time to survive cardiomyopathy.

Just like that I knew. I held you in my arms on the floor whilst you seized and I cried knowing that it was time for us to let each other go. As we drove in car that’s when I knew it would be the last time you would feel the wind on your face so I rolled down the window and held you up. You were so tired.

And there it was. The moment I dreaded all your life. I felt your real tears on my face and I whispered goodbye as you took your final breath.

I didn’t know and if I did, nothing could have prepared me.

One day we will be together again.

Thank you to everyone who has left a message for me. It means more to me than you will ever know.