UPDATE! Beacon’s been found safe! Original post: #BostonTerrier in #Phoenix stolen from her home! #Deaf and has ears that flop over.

Tuesday, December 5, 2012: UPDATE! Beacon has been found SAFE! Her mom told me so herself! Beacon was stolen from her home during a home burglary in late November. A couple of nights ago, two men were outside of a liquor store, selling Beacon! A gentleman bought Beacon, not knowing that she was stolen until a couple of days later when he saw a LOST flyer on her. Being a kind citizen, he called Beacon’s mother and returned Beacon to her. YEAH FOR KIND PEOPLE!

So tonight Beacon is home and I’m sure she’s happier than we can even imagine! Thanks to all of you for sharing this story in an effort to bring Beacon home! Congrats to Beacon and her mom, Julie! CELEBRATE! -Juli

Original Post:


Friends- this is a 1 1/2 year old female Boston Terrier, stolen from her home in Phoenix a couple of nights ago. Her name is Beacon and she weighs 13 pounds and she’s deaf. I don’t have a phone number for her owner but the Phoenix media are reporting on this and the police are involved. If you have any information, call the Phoenix police!

One key feature is that her ears flop over.

Stealing dogs is NOT ok and it’s happening more and more and more. Together, we can get the word out about Beacon and bring her back home and punish the jerks who took her.

Thanks in advance for your help! -Juli

Beacon stolen in Phoenix AZ-1

This story was found on the Boston Terrier Arizona Facebook page.


5 thoughts on “UPDATE! Beacon’s been found safe! Original post: #BostonTerrier in #Phoenix stolen from her home! #Deaf and has ears that flop over.

  1. I am ecstatic with happiness and relief!!!!! I did not know it was a home burglary. Well it’s true they stole her as property. My worst nightmare. Take things but not my loving pets! I am so thrilled Beacon is back home. A great story of luck and a Good Samaritan. Thank you for bringing back Beacon to her Mom Julie. You did very good to post right away when she went missing. Posters, networking and good people is the right thing to do.

    So happy!

    • Thanks for your comment Celine!

      I can’t take ANY credit for this. I do what I can but the innocent man who bought her ended up seeing a flyer somewhere in Phoenix- nothing I created! It’s a blessing that he has such a big heart to do the right thing and give her back to her family (he could have kept her). A good person like that probably fell in love with Beacon the second he saw her and then had to give her up. 😦 There ARE good people in the world and he’s one of them! Congrats to Beacon and her family!!

  2. Juli is a friend of mine and if she hasn’t told you yet (as she is trying to get to as many people as she could)- she got her dog back about an hour ago or so!!!! She is quite happy but wanted to make sure you all knew. I saw your sight last night and it restored my faith in humanity that strangers care not only about pets but it truly shows how much you care about other people. Thank you for getting the word out!!!!

    • Yes! Julie told me tonight!! I’m so happy for her!! I will update my blog as soon as I get home (in car right now). This is the best news!!!!

      Thanks for stopping by to make sure that I knew!!!

  3. People are so cruel!! They steal dogs like they are property. These are living beings who are loved by their family (well most of them). Sometimes there are Good Samaritans who take helpless pets from bad homes but owners should be known of this. I’m not saying this is the case of this beautiful Boston Terrier. I don’t understand how a little pup like this can get stolen. It is so sad. Hopefully the police can help. It’s good they are involved. Good luck in finding this precious girl.

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