#BostonTerrier #missing in #Decatur #IL! Male, eyes: one blue, one brown. #Lost since May 2012! PLZ RT!

Lost! #Decatur #IL (Rt 48)Chase Mclemore-Beard-Rothenberger – Male Boston Terrier.

Call 217-413-8021 Email: Mclemore_Pamela@Yahoo.Com If Seen Or Found. Friendly. 4 Yo, 25-30 Lbs. Black & White One Bright Blue Eye & One Brown Eye. Macon County, 62522. Missing 05-09-2012.

via Lost Dogs Illinois.


6 thoughts on “#BostonTerrier #missing in #Decatur #IL! Male, eyes: one blue, one brown. #Lost since May 2012! PLZ RT!

  1. I love that you take the time to do this. You have a kind heart. I love to read when pets are found. It is a load off the heart, a big relief. I just imagine the families finally being at peace when their pets are back at home, enjoying their return. My pets are a big big part of my life. My babies, my loves. It’s nice to see others feeling so strongly about their pets as I do.

    Take care,

      • Oh my God, I cry too! There is so much joy knowing a pet is not lost anymore. I have been wishing and hoping for this sweet beagle named Sassafras, lost for over a year in Washington. They have a blog at findsassafras.net

        When I saw them on Anderson talking about their Sassafras I couldn’t stop crying. Their desperation, pain and sadness was so heartbreaking. They never stopped looking until recently they are just suspending the search for awhile but never giving up hope. I think of her everyday ( seriously). It is so easy to do because it just is. A gentle girl who had a home and now where is she? how is she? does someone have her? are they good to her? How can you not think of all those things? I can’t because I know what a pet brings to our lives. I live it everyday. So anyone’s pet becomes my concern as well. Animal lovers like us understand this.

        I will also wish and hope for all lost pets on your blog. Thank you for doing this for them.


      • Celine- I’m very familiar with Sassafras- I’ve spoken to her mom on the phone before. There have been so many times when I wished I had money to fly there and sit out in the park all night long, hoping Sass would show up. I feel so awful for them and for Sass too.

    • Celine-

      I know, it makes me sad too. Every lost dog, cat, parrot.. every pet out there that is lost- they all make my heart sad!

      Thanks for stopping by, Celine! Always enjoy your visit here!

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