This #BostonTerrier has a bad rap! (She’s got skilz on the mic!) And she’s featured on #Instacanvas!@PalomaTheBoston

Yesterday I posted a little jingle from my dear friend, Paloma the Boston Terrier. Last night I learn that this adorable little rapper is a featured artist in the office collection on! You can BUY this amazing photo of her (behaving like a scholar) in a variety of formats (canvas, framed print, cards, etc.). I told you yesterday how stinkin’ cool she is- did you not believe me?!?! CHECK HER OUT! Click here to be connected to her on -Juli


Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2012:

Here’s a little merry jingle from the one, the only, Paloma the rapping Boston Terrier!


Yo, I’z da baddest Elf

Fwesh off da Norff Pole,

I gottz bagz ob goodiez

And bagz ob coal.

So whuttz it gunna be,

Naughty or Nice?

Cuz Santy’z gottz dat list & he be checkin’ it twice!

There’s more where this came from! Follow Paloma J. Undertooth on Facebook and Twitter and check out her merch on Zazzle!

More on Paloma:








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