Human took his #dog to a kill #shelter so he could get a “new” dog.

This breaks my heart. What person does this? This human doesn’t deserve the unconditional love and loyalty that comes with a dog. Please share this with everyone you know because someone out there wants this dog! Someone wants the love that comes with this dog. -Juli

From the Facebook page of Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson, SC: 


**SENIOR ALERT** HEARTBROKEN HOLLY was DUMPED at the shelter by her HEARTLESS owner so he could get a new DOG : ( WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS !! WHAT A SPINELSS JERK! give HOLLY HOPE and a loving home for CHRISTMAS where she will NEVER be left again!



Holly ( 8 years Female Lab 50lbs ) Do you see in her eyes? The sadness, the loneliness, the broken heart? Holly was dumped at the shelter by her owner. He wants a new dog, he doesn’t want her anymore. She doesn’t understand. She thinks its her fault. She spent years being a loyal friend, only to be dumped at a kill shelter. Please mend this girl’s broken heart and give her a Christmas Miracle. Give her love, and a home to spend her golden years in.



3 thoughts on “Human took his #dog to a kill #shelter so he could get a “new” dog.

  1. That cruel person who has done this to Holly does not deserve the unconditional love animals give to us. I am sure Holly gave it all to this person only to be rejected in her senior years. Poor girl. I hope shelters know about this person and does not let them adopt another dog. I hope they ask questions like they should do to find the perfect fit for a pet. This person better be honest and I hope they have nightmares and go to hell for what they have done to beautiful Holly. Holly, I wish and hope and pray someone will love you for who you are! I sure do my sweet girl.

  2. This is just heartbreaking. I deal with such people often enough. It is brutal and unacceptable. I hope ‘Holly’ finds a genuine owner that will give her what she deserves 🙂

    • I can only imagine how often you come into contact with situations like this. It’s horrible! Makes me so sad. But I too hope that Holly finds the love of her life with her next human!

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