Where is #Hanah? She survived #Joplin #tornado but where is she? @TheEllenShow @BringHanahHome #American #Bulldog #missing #dog

Please, please, please… someone come forward and say that you know where Hanah is! This family has gone to some great lengths to find their girl. Maybe the person who took her thought that she was homeless and they don’t realize that she already has a family. We need to find them and let them know – as innocent as they may be! Please help make this reunion!

Bring Hanah Home

Bring Hanah Home

From the Facebook page of Bring Hanah Home (posted on the Facebook page of The Ellen Degeneres Show):

We’re dreaming of a White Christmas! Hanah has been missing since she was seen and photographed two days after the Joplin tornado. We are told someone in a dark SUV picked her up sometime between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. the evening of 5/24. We are offering $2500 REWARD for her return. It’s time, we are ready, please Bring Hanah Home for the holidays! Info: bringhanahhome@gmail.com

Hanah’s Facebook page has over 17,000 followers and yet she’s still not home. If her story could get on the Ellen Show, there’s a good chance that she might be found. Would you be willing to help get Ellen’s attention too? Here are some easy ways to get this story to Ellen:

1. ReTweet this. If you got this story from Twitter, then just ReTweet it! Ellen’s handle is included in the title of the story.

2. Post this story on Ellen’s Facebook page. Copy and paste the html of this blog post to her wall.

3. If you’re not so good with posting on Facebook or tweeting, you can contact Ellen directly on her website

Just please, please do something to help this family find Hanah. Take action. Make a difference. Do something. -Juli


One thought on “Where is #Hanah? She survived #Joplin #tornado but where is she? @TheEllenShow @BringHanahHome #American #Bulldog #missing #dog

  1. I will hope and pray this beautiful girl is back with her family soon. I hope the people who have her can go check if she belongs to someone. When you find a pet, you need to go right away at a Vet’s office or shelter to find out if they have a microchip. You need to check want-ads in the paper, on the Internet and you post an ad as well of a found pet. Pets can be recovered sometimes when action is done quickly. Post flyers right away, go on lost and found websites, talk to your neighbors, go to all local Vetenarian offices and post a flyer there as well. Make a big sign on your car too. I have seen this on a website. Please anyone who knows who has Hanah, put yourself in her family’s place and feel with your heart that you can do the right thing and speak up and have Hanah returned where she belongs.

    Sweet Hanah I will wish for a Christmas miracle. I will share your story. My heart goes out to her and her family. Fingers crossed for her safe return. Bless you.

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