#BostonTerrier found in a dumpster! #SouthernCross #BT #Rescue working on his recovery.

Unreal. Thank goodness for the kind human who found this dog and saved his life.

From the Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue Facebook page:

Today we took in a new foster dog who was found in a dumpster by a good hearted woman. His name is Seamus and as you can tell from his photos he needs a whole lot of love and care. He will need surgery, but when he gets out, he would sure love to come home to foster home full of gifts!

Here’s a link to a wish list of items for Seamus if you would like to contribute to his new life of love, health and fun! -Juli



2 thoughts on “#BostonTerrier found in a dumpster! #SouthernCross #BT #Rescue working on his recovery.

  1. Poor little guy!!! 😦 my heart is breaking for him. People are so horrible! Thank goodness there are still good ones out there like the nice woman who saved him. I couldn’t walk away from a desperate situation like this little boy was in and he still has to get well and find his forever home. I hope this is on everyone’s Santa’s list! Wishing for Seamus to recover and be loved forever. My prayers are with you beautiful Seamus. May they find who has done this to you and punish them to the full extent of the law. Love, Celine xo ❤

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