#Shitzu stolen from home in #CorpusChristi #TX! #Dog has seizures / panic attacks. PLZ #Help!

From the Facebook page of Frenchie’s Kitchen:


Male shitzu stolen from his home on Birch Place in Corpus Christi, TX. Creed is a white Shitzu with spots on his belly. At the time he was stolen, he was wearing a red sweater and a black leather collar. Creed has seizures and panic attacks and needs to be brought home safely as soon as possible.

Please call 361-688-1745 if you have seen him or have any information. A police report has been filed.


3 thoughts on “#Shitzu stolen from home in #CorpusChristi #TX! #Dog has seizures / panic attacks. PLZ #Help!

  1. I think we are in times that stolen pets are increasing. Not to be disrespectful to anyone, I would just suggest people stay with their pets when they are outside and keep a vigilant eye. I always go outside with my cats. They are well trained to stay with me and enjoy the backyard. I know unfortunate things happen. I just think it is on the uprise just like many cases involving our children. Unfortunately populations increase, greed increase, selfishness increase and so many bad people out there.

    Of course my heart goes out to everyone who has lost a pet. I would die if anything happened to my babies. Take precautions everyone.

    I hope this lovely dog is returned home where she belongs and will be kept safely. I hope there are more good people than bad.

    • Celine-

      Unfortunately, I agree with you! It IS on the rise! I can’t believe how common it is to have a pet stolen. I’m hearing more and more about pets being stolen during home burglaries! INSANE!

      I hope this dog is found safe- and soon!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • My worst nightmare! A home burglary and my pets taken. Take everything else except my pets! They are not things. They are my loves. It is very painful for people to lose their unconditional loves. My heart goes out to all of them. I hope this beauty is found very soon. Thank you for helping all of them with your blog. ❤

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