FOUND SAFE!! Original post: Robbed at gunpoint- they stole his #FrenchBulldog in #Tampa #FL! #HELP! #Honda #Civic Plz RT!

Monday, January 14, 2013:

I can’t believe it but it’s true- Bueller has been found and reunited with his owner!! Little is known but here’s a link to the article that explains a little about how he was found.

Bueller was taken by thugs on 1-11-13 when out on a walk with his owner. Two men pointed a gun at them and demanded Bueller. Since then, a Facebook page was created and in only two days, he had nearly 2,000 followers. These followers were dedicated dog lovers, all sharing and re-posting on other social media sites, helping to get the word out about his abduction. And here we are today- all relieved that he’s back home SAFE where he belongs! Way to go, everyone!

As of right now, no one has been arrested in his abduction.

Original post:


From the Facebook page of Help Find Bueller:

Bueller is a french bulldog owned by Derek McComber. On the night of 1/11/2013, he was robbed at gunpoint. The only thing they stole was Bueller. The robbery was in Town n Country, off of Pinehurst and Waters (Tampa, FL). Of course, the police cant do anything. Two men robbed him, either white or hispanic with hoods and goatees. They were driving a 96-99 silver Honda Civic coupe stock. Help get this page viral so we can find Bueller and get him home where he belongs!!! I am willing to offer a cash reward for any information that leads to the rescue of this pup!!! ♥

Help Find Bueller-1

Please share this flyer and visit his Facebook page and help spread this information to your Facebook friends!


3 thoughts on “FOUND SAFE!! Original post: Robbed at gunpoint- they stole his #FrenchBulldog in #Tampa #FL! #HELP! #Honda #Civic Plz RT!

  1. This is an Armed Robbery – 25 to life here in Florida – the Police should be all over this – if they aren’t start calling the Chief’s office and demand everything be done – track the car – check CRAIG’S LIST for the deleted DOG FOR SALE (describing Bueller)- with phone number. Keep checks on dog pounds – they will likely let Bueller go as the pressure mounts. Make flyers – include a picture of the suspected type car – get neighborhood kids to pass them out ($10) TARGET THE NEIGHBORHOODS per the robbers description. Flyers on cars in shopping areas where the ROBBERY happened. Keep on the Police – they know better! Best of luck.

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