#Missing #Newfoundland on west coast- grieving #Iowa family loses dad to #suicide. PLZ #help reunite #dog with them!

Below is a very tragic story and your help is needed to make things a bit better for this family who’s experienced a horrific loss.

Thanks to my favorite Facebook page, Bring Mabel Home, for doing GREAT by sharing this information to try and reunite this missing dog with her grieving family.

An Iowa family needs help finding their missing Newfoundland dog who has been missing – potentially in the Northern California, Oregon or NW Nevada area! 
The story is heartbreaking and we are asking anyone on the west coast to please share this story, reach out to rescue contacts especially in the Oregon, Northern California and Northern Nevada area. This dog could be in a shelter or with a rescue group. 

I’m providing as much information as I can regarding this situation. It’s very sad. A trouble man asked his wife for a divorce. He sent her and their children home to Iowa. He had the family dog with him. He committed suicide and was found in a hotel, but the dog was not there. This is an awful situation, certainly finding the dog and reuniting her with her family would be an amazing gift. 

Please read the timeline and details from the family:

“As many of you may (or may not) know, my youngest daughter lost her father on December 4th. We have just discovered that he had the family dog with him. That dog is missing. I invite you to continue reading and especially if you live on the west coast and have ANY contacts, or ideas about how we can find this beautiful Newfoundland and return her to my daughter’s family, it would mean the world to me. (and to them.)…

Jim left Ashland, Oregon some time before December 4th. He is known to have had the dog on December 1st in Williams, California. After that, he travelled back north making several stops at motels in Oregon, including the Portland area.

Ultimately, he drove south and based on a toll receipt found within his truck, headed to San Francisco. At some point, he turned around and somewhere along the way, collided with a guardrail causing enough damage to require repair to the truck. (to our knowledge, an accident report was not filed.) His final stop was in Winnamuca, Nevada. The hotel desk clerk states Jim did not check in a dog though, they do allow them.

So here’s what I need: PLEASE SHARE THIS POST. If you know shelters in any of these places, please contact them and ask if they have this dog and ask if they’ll SHARE this information to all their contacts. And please do not alter this post in any way as these are the events as we best know them and the locations are vital to identifying and narrowing down the potential areas in which the family dog might be located. This story is already sad, please don’t add to or embellish it.

Here is the description of Stormy:

Breed: Newfoundland

Age: 6 years of age (They’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old)

Weight: 125 lbs

Sex: Female Description: Black with white socks. No microchip

Please contact me at tlmccallanauthor@gmail.com if you have any questions or information. Jim’s wife, Amy, and their children are grateful for any help you might be able to provide. On behalf of mine and Jim’s daughter Bryenna, she thanks you as well.



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