#GermanShepherd STOLEN in #LosAngeles #CA! Description of suspects provided! #HELP!

Thanks to my favorite people at Bring Mabel Home, they have brought this stolen dog to my attention. Please share it. Can you imagine someone steeling YOUR dog? Description of suspects below as well.

On Thursday January 24th, 2013, Kennedy, our familys 4 month old Male German Shepherd puppy, was stolen from us in the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles.

This facebook page was created to stir hope in the hearts of those who see it, hope in those who might have lost it through shtty things happening to them. Hope with the belief that we as humans are ultimately capable of doing good rather than not. This facebook page was created with childlike faith that it will somehow help in bringing our dog Kennedy, back home.

Kennedys Description:

Male- Born October 2nd, 2012 (4 Months old when taken Jan. 24th 2013)

Pure Bred German Shepherd- Mostly Black/Red and Tan Chest- Approx. 35-40 lbs

Has a black spot/mole on cheeks

Last seen wearing a red bandana and a nylon yellow/black collar

Suspects Description: Short dark haired Hispanic male in his late 30s and early 40s wearing dark sunglasses.

Last seen in a light metallic blue 2003-2004 Honda Odyssey

Driver of vehicle is a hispanic female in late 30s with light brown hair

Partial license plate 5JD–186-

Taken on Santee St. & 14th St. fleeing East on 14th

Please message us if you have any information regarding this case or if you are the man who stole Kennedy and wish to return him to us. All charges will dropped and the Detectives will also drop the case. Thank you all and God bless.

Please visit the Facebook page set up to help find Kennedy: Kennedy Phone Home.


Here’s a flyer to make sharing even easier for you!



One thought on “#GermanShepherd STOLEN in #LosAngeles #CA! Description of suspects provided! #HELP!

  1. I’m having a hard time understanding all these pets being stolen. What I don’t understand is where are the pet parents? I know that even children get stolen (kidnapped). God help us all when this happens. Although we have to set them free in this big world and hope for the best. But with pets (well in my case), we don’t set them free (well also depending on the country where pets roam free, which I couldn’t do), we have them with us. I’m trying not to be insensitive. This is just me though. I wouldn’t tie my dog outside a store, I wouldn’t leave them in the car alone (ever also because of extreme heat), and I wouldn’t leave them chained up alone in the backyard. I know there are these awful cases of home invasions, burglaries, where pets are taken. My worst nightmare. I’m not saying the pet parents of this puppy were irresponsible. I’m just trying to express that maybe this awful terrible thing of steeling pets could be avoided by taking vigilant measures.

    I have not read the whole story of the beautiful puppy on his Facebook page so I am not aiming my feelings towards their story. Of course I hope with all my heart that word spreads and many people help to find their beloved dog and I would post this story in newspapers etc…to let people know that this bad thing is happening and to take every precaution possible because stolen pets can experience a very difficult life. Sorry to say. I will pray for all of them.

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