#Missing #Newfie / #Lab mix in #MT / #ID area! Last seen July 2012. #lost #dog #Sherman #help

From the Facebook page of Lost Paws Finder is this alert for a missing Newfie/Black Lab mix. His name is Sherman and he’s 12 years old. He went missing on July 31, 2012 from Victor/Bitterroot Valley in Montana (it borders Idaho).

Sherman was last seen on Bourne Lane which is just off of Sheafman Creek Road.

Sherman’s neutered, chipped and was last seen wearing his green collar with his Seattle vet tags.

Here’s a message from his owner:

Our sweet boy went missing July 31st, in the Bitterroot Valley on the MT/ID border while we were visiting here from Seattle.We feel in our hearts he is still alive. Please help us find him! XO

“Sherman” is a Gentle, cherished, sweet, handsome and loved. Twelve years old, micro-chipped half Newfie/half black lab with white on his face, belly and his signature trademark an o-so sweet, white tip tail. Loves to be with people and loves to be loved. Never one to run off and always looking for attention.

Please help me find him and call 206-650-5634 or email jodi.arnold@gmail.com with any information you have on our sweet boy. 



#Cotondetulear pair looking 2 #rescue humans! #Indianola #IA. #adopt #dogs

Please share this flyer with your networks! This pair need to be rehomed together!

#Coonhound in #IowaCity #IA looking 2 #adopt humans w/ space 2 run!

Dottie is a sweet girl with plenty of kisses to give! She’s told her owners that she needs more freedom to run and be the hunting Coonhound that she is! Are you that perfect family for her??

#Boxer #missing in #CedarPark #TX! 9 yr old male, last seen 1-16-2013. PLZ RT! #lost #dog

Lost Dogs of Texas posts that this Boxer is missing from Cedar Park, TX. Please share- someone knows where this guy is!


The nightmare continues for #Zeek and his family. #Maryville #TN. #lost #dog #Chihuahua #Knoxville @BellaAnnRose

Zeek’s parents are more than distraught since he went missing on Friday, February 15, 2013. Zeek is a little Chihuahua who got loose from his home in Maryville, TN. It’s been 72 hours now with one possible sighting of him but the bottom line is that he’s not home safe yet. The nightmare continues for his family.



Here’s a flyer- please RT it, post it on your FB page, print it off and deliver it to businesses in and around Maryville. When a dog goes missing, it takes an army of people to help get the word out, to post flyers everywhere, to notify shelters and veterinary offices, etc. So if you can help at all, please do! I want this nightmare to end for Zeek and his family.

Zeek's Flyer

Zeek’s Flyer

#Lost #Chihuahua in #Maryville #TN! Plz RT! @BellaAnnRose #missing #dog

Friends- please RT this flyer and share it on all of your other social media networks. This sweet little guy went missing on Friday, February 15 in Maryville, TN and his family is out of their mind with worry. Zeek is likely scared but is very food motivated.

Please share! -Juli

Tweeps- I need your advice. Xander is showing a lot of aggression.

Dear friends,

I’m asking for any and all advice that you can give. This has been a rough week with Xander.

I rescued Xander last spring/summer and was told he was great with other dogs. He seemed fine with Izzy for the first couple of days that I had him but would get really aggressive during play. They would rough-house like normal dogs but then he’d take it to another level and act like he wanted to kill her. Frantic, I contacted his foster about this and she said he never did anything like this with her dogs.

This behavior scared me to death and when it would happen, Izzy would also be scared.

These incidents decreased with time but didn’t disappear entirely. One time this past November, their playing got out of hand (Xander taking it to that other level) and he really hurt her. She had wounds all over her and was limping for two weeks.

Since that time, this may have happened once or twice. Until this week. It’s happened twice just this week. The first time was over food- which he’s NEVER done. And then just now, out of no where (they weren’t even playing), he did it again and it scared her so much that she pooped herself. Thankfully, she did not get injured. I had to throw myself on top of him (he was on top of her) and pry him away from her. He’s now in his kennel.

If it’s not over a toy or food, I don’t understand what triggers this behavior. And even when it does happen over toy or food, what can I do to prevent this?

I’m in tears over this. My poor Izzy! She’s scared and I don’t blame her. When he gets like this, it freaks me out as well! But I have to be Izzy’s protector and I have to show Xander that I’M alpha dog. Can you guys give me some advice? Tips? Lessons? Training? This can’t be happening.

So concerned,