The nightmare continues for #Zeek and his family. #Maryville #TN. #lost #dog #Chihuahua #Knoxville @BellaAnnRose

Zeek’s parents are more than distraught since he went missing on Friday, February 15, 2013. Zeek is a little Chihuahua who got loose from his home in Maryville, TN. It’s been 72 hours now with one possible sighting of him but the bottom line is that he’s not home safe yet. The nightmare continues for his family.



Here’s a flyer- please RT it, post it on your FB page, print it off and deliver it to businesses in and around Maryville. When a dog goes missing, it takes an army of people to help get the word out, to post flyers everywhere, to notify shelters and veterinary offices, etc. So if you can help at all, please do! I want this nightmare to end for Zeek and his family.

Zeek's Flyer

Zeek’s Flyer


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