Finally- sunshine!

Izzy was so excited when I got out her “bike” today (Doggyride)! She loves that thing! But it’s not big enough for two and even if it were, she’s not willing to share with anyone- especially not Xander! (Poor guy!)

Thanks for the much needed break in ugly weather, Mother Nature.


3 thoughts on “Finally- sunshine!

  1. Oh my God, she is adorable in her “bike”!! I don’t like when people frown upon these things for animals. You never know if the pet has neurological problems or just need to rest from walking or just loves it so much like cutie Izzy!!
    It’s looks beautiful outside where you live. We had a bit of snowflakes today and quite cold here in Quebec! And not just because it’s Canada up North. We do have very warm springs and summers. We just are not seeing it right now! It’s delayed everywhere I think. Tricky weather. Spring cleaning is delayed a bit too.

    Hugs and kisses to cutie pies Izzy and Xander!!

    Much love, Celine

    • Hi Celine- thanks for your comment!

      I bought this for Izzy when she was a puppy because I’d take her on a walk and she’d quickly tire out before I was ready to quit walking. So she’d walk as far as she could and then I’d scoop her up and put her in her “bike” and then I could continue with the walk. It’s perfect and she loves it! I don’t use it as much anymore because she’s bigger and can walk far. But I’m going to hook it up to my bike in the next couple of weeks and go for a ride (it converts from stroller to trailer to tow behind a bike). I’m going to see how Xander does in it too. If he likes it, then I need to get a bigger one so that I can tow the two of them at the same time.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • That will be fun! At least they will be biking in safety. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of Oooohs and Aaaawww from people. 😊 Happy biking! It’s getting more and more beautiful outside. Take care.

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