My rescue Xander- learning to play!

I guess I always thought that Xander just wasn’t interested in playing that much with Izzy but now I’m starting to think that he didn’t know HOW to play. I’ve had him for a year now (he’s 4 1/2) and he just recently started to do the play bow. His daycare actually told me that they saw him do it and it about made me cry- I had never seen him do it! But now I’ve seen him do it a handful of times and I love it!

He’s learned that when Izzy jumps on him, she just wants to wrestle and play with him. He used to get defensive and fight her but now he lets her gnaw on him and he enjoys it!

My boy… I can’t imagine what your life was like before we found each other but I’m sure glad that you’re enjoying the finer things in life with me and Izzy.


Xander’s fightin those allergies like a champ!

Xan is still on his allergy meds and I’ve been keeping him indoors mostly. But today I let him outside for a short bit and he loved it. He laid down and just basked in the sun.

My poor little bubbah. Damn those allergies!

Look who’s playin in the pool! Izzy and her new BFF! #EnglishBulldog #FrenchBulldog

This is Izzy’s new buddy, Clover. She’s a 9 week old English Bulldog! Aren’t they adorbs?! I guess they were inseparable today at daycare! xoxo

“Don’t Pet the Pug!” READ THIS BOOK! It’s about @PalomaTheBoston ‘s brother! #Pug #dog #book @amazon

What a cute book! And it’s one that teaches a valuable lesson too! For just $2.99 for the Kindle version, your little tot can learn how to approach a grumpy old pug (Uggy) the right way!

Here’s Amazon‘s description:

No child can resist sticking their little fingers through a fence to pet a cute dog but that can be dangerous. This rhyming tale of an old Pug will remind them to be cautious and to ask an adult before petting someone elses dog.

Check it out here! 

Look! It’s Uggy on the cover!


My Xan-man- feeling better after his trip to the ER.

He’s quite sleepy though (from his meds).

If you didn’t see my earlier post, Xander had an allergic reaction to something outside this morning. This happened once this past fall too. Luckily today wasn’t as bad and he’s feeling better.


Xan-man’s allergic reaction lands us in the ER.

This happened last fall too but not quite as bad. So we’re being treated at the ER and will be on steroids and Benadryl for a few days. My poor bubbah.

Pretty flowers, cute butt.