Xander’s fightin those allergies like a champ!

Xan is still on his allergy meds and I’ve been keeping him indoors mostly. But today I let him outside for a short bit and he loved it. He laid down and just basked in the sun.

My poor little bubbah. Damn those allergies!


One thought on “Xander’s fightin those allergies like a champ!

  1. Hi Juli, I’m so sorry to hear about Xander. I’ve been gone on vacation and I just saw your posts this week. Poor little guy. I’m glad the meds helped him. It’s iffy to know what exactly pets’ allergies come from unless you do tests. I don’t know if you did. My cat Sasha had allergies mostly in spring and summer so we assumed it was environmental but our Vet said it could also be food allergies. We put her on Chlor-Tripolon (allergy med like Benadryl) and we changed her food to duck meat and venison. It would make her feel much better. I would also close all windows so pollen wouldn’t get in the house.

    I hope little Xander will feel better on his medication. He looks a lot better than the day he went to the ER.

    Good luck to Xander. I’m thinking of him. Hugs and kisses. Xo

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