Bull Terrier stolen during home burglary in Austin, TX! Plz RT! #lost #dog #rica

This just happened on September 13th and there have been reports of sitings. Please share now- there’s hope this dog can be found safe and returned home!


Do you recognize this English Bulldog? #Bunkie #LA #missing

Cognac has been missing since April 2013. Someone has him and likely others have seen him. He was possibly sold for money and/or used as a stud.

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Also follow Bring Back Cognac on Facebook! He could be anywhere by now- in Louisiana or on the other side of the states!

Thank you!

Not too close. #frenchbulldog

These two love each other- sort of. They play together and they like being with each other when I have to leave them at home. But they don’t cuddle together- EVER. This photo isn’t of them cuddling but it’s close.

Missing Boxer in Battleground, WA! Plz RT! #lost #dog


Black Pug missing since June 2013 from Boothwyn, PA. Plz RT! Reward! #lost #lilly

Follow the search for Lilly on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/whereislilly.

J. Kennedy

Big LOVE. #frenchbulldog #frenchie

Love this girl.

At the Dog Paddle. #FrenchBulldog

Izzy loved it (in yellow). Xander hated it.