Power of social media reunited stolen dog.

Luckily Madly was reunited with her owner but many times when a dog is stolen, it never finds its way back home.

Dog theft happens all the time. All the time! And as you’ll read in this article, it can happen right in front of the owner.

You can’t be careful enough. Never leave your dog unattended – ever – not even in your back yard. It’s just not worth it.

Happy Madly is home but I think luck had a lot to do with it.



Happy New Year from these two hooligans!

Their resolutions for 2014:

1. Eat more treats

2. Play harder

3. Eat more treats

4. Get more butt scratches (this is not Izzy’s resolution- never touch her butt unless you want to lose your hand)

5. Eat more treats

6. Perfect our pathetic-looking faces (to get mama to give us more treats)

7. Eat more treats

8. Visit the vet less

9. Eat more treats

10. Finally… Eat more treats

Happy New Year to our family and friends!

Izzy and Xander