Max Penalty for Leo Napoulos- tortured 8 wk old kitten. @PetitionHub


I feel very fortunate to have so many animal loving friends on my blog, Twitter and Facebook. Today I’m asking a favor of you.

Fritz is a young kitten that lives in a nearby town from me. Last week Fritz was tortured for over three hours by the owner’s roommate, Leo Napoulos. The owner had been suspicious of Leo and set up his laptop camera to record anything that should happen while he’s away.

The owner found over three hours of video footage of Leo torturing Fritz! He was rushed to the emergency vet for treatment. Fritz is alive but lost an eye from the abuse and is blind in his remaining eye. Leo moved out (reportedly moved out of town, likely from the media attention to this story) and Fritz is now home safe in the loving arms of his owner.

We all know that anyone who is capable of abusing an animal like this is very capable of also abusing other humans. We can’t let Leo get a slap on the wrist from this. Your signature on this petition will show support for Fritz and all other animals who have been abused. Please take 30 seconds to sign and also share. So far there are 4,000+ signatures but we need 10,000.

Click the link below to be directed to the petition. Thank you in advance for signing and sharing.

You can also find Fritz on Facebook by searching for “Fritz”.