These #Frenchies are still spoiled as ever!

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted anything on my blog but I think about doing it all the time. Izzy and Xander have always kept me busy and now I’m really busy with the addition of a toddler, Sutton. But let it be known that Izzy and Xander are just as spoiled as ever!

Izzy staking claim to Sutton’s rocking chair.

Izzy being festive for Halloween.

Another Halloween photo (that’s right- we have multiple costumes).

Xander cashed out on his bed in front of the crib.

Sutton trying out Izzy’s kennel (oh this does not go over well with Izzy).

The girls testing out the new dog car seats.

Just another winter day, looking super-fab in their argyle sweaters.

The trio.

You have no idea how hard it was to get this photo- and it’s not even a good one!

Taken just tonight… Izzy and Sutton having drinks and doing a Mickey Mouse puzzle.

So as you can see, the “kids” are doing just fine!



One thought on “These #Frenchies are still spoiled as ever!

  1. I love seeing you on your blog again! I’ve been missing the pics but I know how crazy busy you must be! All these pics are fantastic! You have such great kids!! 😁 It’s so cute seeing them together. Looks like they get along. It’s so sweet that Sutton has the love of wonderful parents and dogs! She will be such a great girl! That pic you said you had trouble with is priceless! Looks like they are just chillin’ on the couch which is the best thing! Cuddle time. Great to hear from you here. Much Love, Céline ❤

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