Who the Heck?

Girl at the keyboard:

I have many obsessions. Dogs are one of them. Dairy Queen is another. Then there’s Haagen Daas dulce de leche ice cream. And gluten free pizza from Bob’s Your Uncle. That’s odd… all of my obsessions are food except for one… dogs.

My latest obsession since March 10, 2012 is finding Monty, the 3 month old puppy stolen from Woofables Gourmet Dog Bakery in Coralville, Iowa. To get involved in the search and to show us your support, look us up on Facebook at Help Find Monty.

Those are the most important things to know about me.


Izzy the cute, cream French Bulldog:

Baby Kissbeep

She also has a big time dog obsession and a DQ addiction. She is protective of her mama and growls when approached by someone she doesn’t know. She loves car rides, doggie daycare and her Doggy Ride. She hates the heat and LOATHES the vet (poor guy- he’s such a Saint). She’s a trip to watch at the dog park where she’s such a social-lite!

Izzy is my EVERYTHING. I eat, sleep and breathe Izzy. And I’m looking for someone to pay me a full salary (with benefits- including dental and life) to stay at home and cuddle with her.  🙂 What?!? Is that bad?

And what’s this blog about? It’s about the #1 thing that makes me happy: dogs.

And no, our last name is not Kissbeep.

If you like pictures and French Bulldogs… and you like pictures OF French Bulldogs.. check out more of Izzy on Flickr!


12 thoughts on “Who the Heck?

  1. Juli,
    I have a Frenchie board on Pinterest and wanted to know if it’s ok that I pin some of your pictures – Izzy is adorable! We had to put Mattie, our Frenchie down last year – it feels so empty without her! We have a doberman that we love, but still….

    • Oh beautifully said! You are so right! It’s supreme! She can do no wrong! I am very lucky and I don’t know what I did to be so lucky to have her!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Greetings from one dog obsessed person to another 🙂

    I think Izzy is gorgeous and can understand why she is your everything. My husband refers to me as the ‘crazy dog lady’ because our two black dogs mean the world to me and I would love to quit work and spend my days with them.

    • Yeah- another crazy dog lady!! I knew I wasn’t alone! Thanks for your sweet words about Izzy. Your two dogs are beautiful as well!!

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope to talk again sometime!

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my website and showing your interest in my work. Its a coincidence that the male protagonist in my novel also has a dog which kinda resembles your izzy. Perhaps, you already know about the dog thing. I don’t remember when i removed the first chapter from the post :). Thanks for visiting again.

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